Interior and Exterial Design and Construction

We are experts including architects, engineers, and technicians offering professional services of design consultant, interior construction.

Procedure of interior and exterior design-construction services:

Daft designàdesign idea developingàdesign idea optimizingàDetail Technical Design

Deliverables of Design Services

I – Draft Design

– Master project and analysis
– Interior and Exterior Layouts +Report
– Solution of Architectural Space and other drawings to clarify deisign strategy
– Sample photos to clarify deisign strategy
Alternatives due to project requirements

II – Design Idea Developing

Afer having agreement on draft design, we will go forward to design idea developing stage. Deliverables are as followings:

– Layouts, Sections, Elevation
– Interior and Exterior perspective
– Interior perspective of typical rooms
– Draft description of Material

This is a discussion process, and we will take care our client to have agreement before taking into detail technical design for construction.

III – Interior and exterior design
– Layouts, Sections, Elevations
– All interior Perspectives
– Description of Material and furniture
– Interior detail design
– Detail design of doors, toilets, handrails..ect.
– Layouts of ceiling and floor

This is a discussion process, and we will take care our client to have agreement before taking into complete detail technical design for construction

IV – Detail Technical Design for Construction

Afer having agreement on design idea developing, we will go forward to design technical design for construction stage. Deliverables are as followings:

– Interior design (layouts, elevations, sections, and perspective)
– Interior Design (design layout of ceilings, floors, furniture allocation)
– Electrical system Design
– Plumbing system design
– Other M&E system design such as lightening, smoke detecting, fire alarm, security, telephone, internet..etc.

Complete technical design to support construction in case of building remodeling projects, we offer extra before and after layouts and well as remodeling one.
In case of interior detail design, we also offer each individual space perspective.
Below is our unit price

* Apartment : 120.000VND/m2- 150.000 VND/m2
* Town-house : 120.000 – 150.000 đ/m2
* House : 150.000 – 200.000đ/m2
* Motel – Hotel : 150.000 – 200.000đ/m2
* Restaurant, Coffee shop, Bar : 150.000 – 200.000đ/m2
* Building office : 120.000 – 160.000đ/m2
* Land scaping : 80.000 – 120.000đ/m2
* Other project which is not included on the list above will be taken care case by case.

Design and construction are separate packages, P-Décor will have discount offer if your go with combo.

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